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Fight stress with single-tasking

Challenge your self to give up multi-tasking in lieu of single-tasking.
As adults we have the urge to get a million things done at once. Between chores, errands, jobs and technology, we are constantly trying to focus on multiple things at once.

Turns out multi-tasking is not helping our productivity. As Americans, we are not being mindful of why or how we're doing each task, because we're so rushed to move on to the next one.
A better approach is to be present in the moment so you can concentrate on one activity and one activity only. In other words, single-tasking.

Productivity Tips for Living in the Moment

1. Start with one change
Approach your day-today differently by choosing one activity that you'll solely concentrate on this week. That could be eating breakfast mindfully without your phone, TV or computer.

2. Encourage single-tasking with others
To counteract the contagious effects of multi-tasking, try eliminating disruptions when you are around other people. If you are eating dinner with friends, put your phone away and turn off the TV so everyone is present for that time.

3. Schedule time for your toughest task
Set aside the same amount of time every day to tackle that hard task. The greatest way to avoid distraction is to avoid procrastination.

4. Never stop trying
It may seem impossible to just focus on one activity at a time but as long as you keep working at single-tasking the better you'll get and the more you will accomplish.

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