102 Common Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer

10/04/2016 - Lindsay Dahl


Steps you can take to lower exposure to dangerous chemicals that have been linked to cancer:

-Avoid second-hand smoke

-Decrease exposure to fumes from gasoline. Turn off your car while waiting for friends or family. Sit inside your car while pumping gas.

-Skip products that contain styrene including Styrofoam, plastic cutlery.

-Avoid dry cleaning, especially those who use the toxic chemical “PERC”—ask for wet cleaning instead.

-Filter your tap water, using any type of carbon block filter.

-Avoid all stain resistant materials including clothing, fabrics, furniture, non-stick pans and rugs.

-Avoid flame retardant chemicals in furniture and foam products.

-Dust and clean your home regularly. Dust is one of the primary routes of exposure to toxic chemicals.