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Operation Motivation: Fitness experts worth following

08/16/2016 — Wellness Works Stuff

After watching the first week of the Olympics, you’re likely wondering how these athletes got in such great shape. With the help of social media there is no need to wonder anymore. Here are 4 of the top fitness gurus to follow on Instagram and Facebook that have mastered several Olympic training routines. With one click of a button you can expand your fitness network and learn how to train like a champion!

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Strength Training 101- Glutes

08/23/2011 — Wellness

One of the most common problems associated with the gluteal muscle structure is lower back and hip pain. This could be the result of inactivity of gluteal muscles which render them powerless to carry out their stabilizing function. As a result, the hip flexor muscles which run from the pelvis to the lower back bear the burden of stabilizing the body instead. When the hip flexor muscles place stress on the vertebrae in the lower spine, it results in pain in the lower back.

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